We are the only one who can help protect your self against 300 degrees Celsius and below 20 degrees Celsius. We protect you in hot & cold environment and will help you to maintain your body temperature. Avoid most of the above mention problems

All our products are Hacan approved and with isolated sheet

From iron workers to pastry bakers, our population work in a wide variety of hot or hot & humid environments *Outdoor operations in hot weather, Farming Operations ,manufacturing plants , Bakeries *Restaurant kitchens *Laundries *Food canneries *uncomfortable is not the major problem with working in high tempera-tures & humidity’s. Workers who are suddenly exposed to working in hot envi-ronment face additional and generally avoidable hazards to their safety and health. Common health problems are: Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps, Heat Rash, Fainting, and Transient Heat Fatigue.

In dry climates, adequate evaporation of sweat is seldom a problem. In a dry work environment with very high air tempera-tures, protective clothing could be an advantage to the worker.
The proper type of clothing depends on the specific circumstance.
Certain work in hot environments may require insulated gloves, insulated suits, reflective clothing or infrared reflecting face shields.
For extremely hot conditions, thermally conditioned clothing is available.
One such garment carries a self-contained air condi-tioner in a backpack, while another is connected a compressed air source which feeds cool air into the jacket or coveralls through a vortex tube.
Another type of garment is a plastic jacket which has pockets that can be filled with dry ice or containers of ice.

One characteristic that is very helpful for the producing of healthy cooking clothing is the fact that an amazingly thin layer of only 2mm that weights merely a few grams will gives superior thermal performance against the overbearingly hot kitchen environment. By using this material liacan Protective Clothing and isolation can produce very light weight and comfortable cooking clothing that especially design to isolate he direct cooking heat from the body of the cooks.


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The purpose of this revised pamphlet is to provide employers and workers with an overview of the health hazards associated with work in hot environments, and to alert them to the precautions which should be taken to prevent injuries and other health problems due to heat stress.

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All our products are Hacan approved and with isolated sheet